In 2014, Nuno Rodrigues, interiors architect and Metrobox Architects founder, created Stabörd, a totally handcrafted brand to follow his design instints in the Interior Design World.

In 2019, Cyril Decoret, an entrepeneur and a good friend of Nuno, joined him to create the Lifestyle Department, to fit the brand´s exclusive and luxury target.

The brand is loyal to itself, designing and handmading certified and very special goods for the modern and cosmopolitan customer. 

Stabörd is now an international luxury handmade brand and counts on a multidisciplinary design and artisans team.
Stabörd relies on certified portuguese craftsmen, thus ensuring the best quality products and trusted only Origin products.
When a special customer looks for a taylored solution, Stabörd contract Department will ensure that the perfect object will be designed and handmade to fit his wishes.

Welcome to the Beyond Design World!

The personality of our pieces always boosting your lifestyle

Luxury avantgarde and modernist handmade design brand 

Our team works together to bring you new and better products.
We are always thinking of the best ways to get your mind blown, and that's through our disruptive design.
Working with experienced craftsmen gives us the opportunity to create very special items, with high quality and prominent detail.
Our love for the brand is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We work to see it prosper every day.