In 2014, Nuno Rodrigues, interiors architect and Metrobox's CEO, created Stabörd from the need to express his personality and love for design.

The brand is loyal to itself, designing and creating not to please the market, but to please the team.

Following its instincts, Stabörd is now an international luxury design brand.

Focusing on the Hospitality and Food & Beverage market, the brand has a wide portfolio, ranging from the interiors accessories
to the astonishing table, seating and lighting collection.

We promote an avant-garde lifestyle and our longboard collection represents the adventurous and classy spirit of the brand.

Throughout our journey, we pay tribute to the mid-century and modern design.

Stabörd relies on local production by Portuguese manufacturers, thus ensuring greater control of product quality and optimizing the value chain

as well as reducing the ecological footprint.


Through the personality of our pieces, we enhance the personality of your spaces.


Stabörd aims to be an international reference of excellence in luxury design.


Our team works together to bring you new and better products.

We are always thinking of the best ways to get your mind blown, and that's through our disruptive design.

Working with experienced craftsmen gives us the opportunity to create very special pieces, with high quality and prominent detail.

Our love for the brand is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We work to see it prosper every day.


Elegant Design, Luxury pieces

Our success is not only up to us. Our partnerships are what makes us what we are.
Our elegant and detailed designs are handmade by our finest craftsmen and upholsterers in order to create beautiful and luxury pieces for your spaces.